Quarterly reports show new progress on the market

During the last few weeks, Chinese index CSI 300 is up, despite numerous fears of investors before the monthly report.
This Monday the situation has changed. The index went up 1.0 percent thanks to the new results from economy sector. It appears that the rise for this quarter in China is above all expectations of analysts. And according to the specialists, manufacturing area in China is at its highest peak since the last five years. The numbers went far above all the expectations.
Asian shares went down today after the quarterly reports. MSCI Asian-Pacific broadest index outside Japan has lost 0.1 percent today, while its main gain for this quarter is still 12.5 percent up.
Hong Kong index has lost, and still showed 9.8 percent gain for the last quarter.
The situation is less predictable for Euro Union as the political instability makes a lot of pressure on Great Britain and its market. French upcoming elections can change the French CAC index in a minute since there is no quarterly report from this country yet.
American President Donald Trump is responsible for the new pressure on global markets, since he recently wrote new tweets about job losses and trade deficits in the USA. He blames trading agreements for this, and today he is going to sign new executive orders to check all the abuses that led to the deficits in the USA.
After this statement, stock futures of the USA went down and lost 0.15 percent in the trades at the Asian market.

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