Snapchat in the middle of scandal

When the company has decided to go to the Indian market, they had to check twice what their Evan Spiegel CEO can say in public.
Now they call all the allegations ridiculous, but do we all believe that Spiegel did not mean to call India – poor when he said that their app was for rich.
Indians did not like Snapchat policy and now the company is risking stay out of one of the most progressive and quickly growing phone market.
According to the accusations, Spiegel did say that he does not want to expand the app in India, because it is just for rich in 2015 year, during the meeting.
The complaint was made by Pompliano Anthony, one of Snap ex workers. The history of this worker in Snap is rather provocative and fast. He was fired after three weeks of work in social media back in 2015. Now he made a lawsuit to the court of California for the Snap Company, claiming that they want to destroy his reputation and career.
Court has unsealed the complaint. Pompliano said that Snap’s CEO once told to him that Snapchat is very exclusive app for the rich people and he does not want to go with it to the poor countries, including India as well.
Another country that, according to ex employee of Snap was named is Spain.
Right now, Snapchat is very popular in India, and has 4 million people there who use it. The company says that these accusations ridiculous, as it is a free app, and everyone in the world can download it.

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