United Airlines continues to kick off passengers

After the huge fiasco with a doctor who was hardly beaten and dragged off the plane, because United did not find the place for him, we did not expect another fail to happen so quickly.
The new scandalous report was made after the United Airlines booted off young couple – groom and the bride when they were trying to fly to their wedding.
Tow love birds did not expect that something horrible can happen to them in the day that had to be their best day in lives. However, they were rudely removed by the United Airlines from the plane to the Costa Rica, this Saturday.
It looks like one scandalous video was not enough for them.
The couple says that they were removed from the plane by the federal marshal in Texas. However, the flying company has officially declined this information a day after the event, saying that there was no marshal, and nobody from their company was involved.
According to the United officials, this couple sit in the special best seating they have not bought and did not want to leave them, so the company crew asked them to go off the plane.
They say that airline has paid for the hotel room for this couple and rebooked tickets on the next flight in the morning.
However, both passengers say that they were trying to pay for the best seats but were denied. They tried to find new seats after they have found another passenger sleeping on their both seats.

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