Year: 2022

Technologies for automotive logistics and delivery

For the last 5 years, products covering the delivery and transport logistics niche have been a steady trend among the demanded IT solutions. At the same time, there is a stable, high, constant demand for custom and individual solutions.

Top 4 Software Development Companies

In case you have business partners, clearly, you all need to agree on what software development agency to hire. Then, just draw up your corporate agreement and get down to development planning. We’d recommend you to get legal assistance to be on the safe side. It’s better to engage legal officers during all key stages, from contract drawing/editing to its actual signing.

Desktop applications

The use of software in business is a necessity. Digitalization allows the introduction of new tools, expands business opportunities, improves interaction between the company and the client. But the question arises, what type of applications to use: browser or desktop application? What is the difference? What are the advantages of developing a desktop application, what opportunities does it provide? Let’s figure it out.

The AIDA Model in Internet Marketing

There is a stereotypical view that marketers and advertisers are constantly creating a new creative product. This is true, but only in part, because in their work they are guided by people – their expectations, needs. The psychology of perception of new information is necessarily taken into account, and in this modern man has not gone very far from his predecessors. And for more than a hundred years they have been using the AIDA model to establish contact with their potential client. What it is and how this formula is used in Internet marketing will be discussed further.

Onboarding in mobile apps

When a user launches a mobile app for the first time, it is important to become familiar with the variety of features and functionality, as well as how to manage the app in general, before enjoying all the privileges. For some, this comes easily, and for some, it is impossible to do without help. This help is in-app onboarding. How necessary it is, what it gives and what options and techniques of onboarding exist in general – let’s figure it out together. 

Four valuable opportunities of the Internet of things in retail

Internet of Things (Internet of Things, IoT) is one of the most fashionable terms in IT today. It is often talked about in industry, logistics and medicine. It seems that this technology has no boundaries of application: today, with the help of IoT tools, you can build the simplest security system for a garage with your own hands, or you can implement the digital transformation of a huge factory production. 

Survey to Financial Management in Europe

The economic recovery continues its course and demand is awakening. In addition, more than half of those surveyed believe that there will be an increase in their workforce in the next 12 months. These are some of the conclusions of the Survey of Financial Management in Europe, carried out by Deloitte with more than 1,300 executives in 17 countries on the continent, including Spain.

Web analytics tools

How do you know if your site is doing well? How to find the weaknesses of the resource? How to form the best strategy for its development? Guessing on coffee grounds is not necessary. Look for all the answers in web analytics. That is the topic of today’s article.

Effective advertising channels

Advertising literally follows us everywhere: in transport, on TV, on the phone. Everywhere you look – everywhere they offer something to buy, download, view or order. And after all, from time to time we really fall for it! Apparently, it is not in vain that advertisers invest huge amounts of money in various advertising channels.

Promotion of Internet portals and large sites

A multi-page site is not only an opportunity to attract an audience with the most diverse interests, but also an Internet resource that requires a special approach for promotion. To promote it, you will need a special SEO strategy, which…

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