Month: January 2022

Is it worth developing an application

The pandemic has done its bit – since 2020, people began to download more different applications. According to experts, by 2025 there will be approximately 7.5 billion mobile users. And they all use mobile apps.

Mobile App Marketing Costs: How to Plan Your App Marketing Budget

When it comes to mobile app development, there are lots of costs you need to keep in mind. Many of those costs go beyond app development itself. 

R3 CordaBlockchain Manage Identity And Its Blockchain Platform Builds

R3 CordaBlockchain Manage Identity And Its Blockchain Platform Builds. the R3 blockchain consortium use personalities to address the hub. Hence, there is no unknown perspective like bitcoin or other blockchain networks.

Personal Financial Coach

You are facing a service that almost no one had previously provided. Thus, by combining techniques and tools of personal coaching , together with other specific exercises related to the economy and its management , together we can work in search of the desired financial freedom . Sounds good right?

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