Month: April 2022

Effective advertising channels

Advertising literally follows us everywhere: in transport, on TV, on the phone. Everywhere you look – everywhere they offer something to buy, download, view or order. And after all, from time to time we really fall for it! Apparently, it is not in vain that advertisers invest huge amounts of money in various advertising channels.

Promotion of Internet portals and large sites

A multi-page site is not only an opportunity to attract an audience with the most diverse interests, but also an Internet resource that requires a special approach for promotion. To promote it, you will need a special SEO strategy, which…

Benefits of facial recognition technology and why it requires privacy laws

Many of you may have seen facial recognition technology in action before. Facebook uses it to suggest friends and law enforcement uses it to identify criminals. But as this technology becomes more widespread, there is a growing concern about privacy. After all, facial recognition data can be used to track our movements and even reveal our personal information. This is why we need strong privacy laws to protect us from the potential dangers of facial recognition. easy .

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