Development of mobile applications to order

The mobile app development service continues to gain popularity in 2021. By contacting the professionals who provide this service, you will receive a full-fledged application for Android or iOS. And if you come to us at Polygant, then it will be of high quality, meeting all the requirements and made just in time.

Android development

Android apps are very popular as this operating system is actively developed by Google and the number of devices running on it is steadily growing. The majority of smartphones – 72.7% – are based on Android, which means you will be able to reach the widest audience. Android apps can be downloaded on different platforms, which helps to increase their popularity.

The Android app is being developed in stages. First, we study the requirements of the customer and plan ways to achieve the goal. Managers then conduct a deep analysis, studying the products of competing companies and the needs of potential users. The next important step is drawing up a detailed technical assignment . Then our designers create layouts and designs.

The longest stage is the development process itself, that is, writing code in Java, Kotlin, C, C++ or C#. Upon completion of development, we will test the application for performance and display on different devices, as well as for possible flaws that can be corrected. The final step will be uploading to Google Play.

iOS Application Development

Development for iOS

It is believed that the owners of Apple products have a higher solvency. Having your own application for iOS is very profitable and promising for business. In addition, most tablets – 55.2% – are based on iOS / iPadOS (here Android loses to them).

The iOS application is also being created in stages. As usual, we study the requirements of the customer, analyze the offers of competitors from the App Store and the needs of the target audience. Then it is necessary to draw up a detailed technical specification. At the next stage, we prepare the interface design with mockups. Its structure and elements are carefully designed for the convenience of future users.

At the most important and lengthy stage, our experienced programmers write code in Swift or Objective-C, that is, turn the design layout into a fully functioning product. After that, we test the developed application for flaws or errors (although we try to avoid them right away). The final stage will be the publication in the App Store.

Application design

Let’s describe in more detail what exactly our designers involved in the creation of a mobile application do:

  1. They draw the logo of the future application and icons for digital distribution stores.
  2. They develop the corporate identity of the company, which needs to be visually reflected in the application.
  3. Working on UI (user interface) and UX (user experience).

If the customer wishes, they can add animation or some interactive components like quizzes. These elements are optional, but attract the attention of users.

Benefits of Professional Services

Professional development of mobile applications is a very expensive service when compared to crafts that freelancers create to order. But a number of important advantages justify the costs:

  • The application will pay off and expand the boundaries of the business.
  • It helps to create a positive image of the company.
  • Its launch can both increase sales and simplify order processing.
  • Through it, you can interact with the target audience, notifying users about new offers and promotions.
  • You can implement payment systems into it, which will facilitate purchases – your customers will be able to pay for the order with one touch.

Companies that have their own mobile application enjoy the trust of the audience, and the number of their customers is constantly growing.


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