Amazing things Google Home Feature Is Going To Do For You

Google home

What is Google home?

If you want to know what the Google Home feature can do for you in 2019 then you have come to the right place. Just read on my article to get all the scoop.

Have you watched the movie ‘She’? If you have then you know the smart speaker trend in technology is totally hot right now. The wars of the AI assistant is totally gaining pace right now.

Starting with Amazon’s Alexa and now with Google Home Feature and Google Assistant. Every one of this home features and assistants is geared to make your life even more convenient.

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t get fun things done with Google Home feature. With the new improvements dished out you can see some powerful improvements and some very simple routine makers too.

So, here are the Google Home Feature Highlights

There are some routine things that you can do with Google Home Feature. Like check traffic dates and also control the home temperature and everything else. Set up routines with the two commands, ‘Good Morning’ and ‘Good Night’.

So, I won’t be spending much time on these regular things that we already expect from an AI assistant. Let’s see what else the Google Home Feature can do for you! Shall we?

Locate your phone because that’s important

By far this is one of the most powerfully useful things my Google Home feature can do for me. Here is the thing, as long as your Google Home feature and your Google account on your phone are the same, you can literally command your phone to locate your phone.

It will get your phone to ring even if it is in silent mode. That is a wonderful blessing for phone users like me who keep forgetting their phones everywhere.

Google Home Feature can now read individual Voice Commands

What happens when you are not home but your family is and they need anything done by Google Home Features?  Well, now you can train your Google Home to recognize each individual family members voice to get tailored and more relevant results and news. They can alter and fix and update the routines around the home.

That is a very hand thing when it comes to Google Home feature as now you can smoothly get your home organized the way everyone at home wants it.

Kill the Boredom with Games

You can now play games with your Google Home Feature. If you are looking to kill minutes you got then just ask your Google Home feature to start a game with you. They have over 20 games installed that can range from trivia to scrabble. Just kill your time playing with an AI.

Find things

Here is the thing you can do too with your Google Home. You can store your important things and then leave a command with it. Your Google Home will remember where you had kept it. Like, ‘Hey Google, I am keeping my wallet in my closet’. Next day before getting out just ask it, ‘Hey Google, where is my wallet?’ And it will tell you exactly where you had stored it.

Entertain Children

If you have kids at home and you have pretty much-tried everything to hold their attention and keep them busy. Then Google Home has a good feature for you. You can just command your Google Home to entertain your children and believe me, they will be a handful of things for them to do.

They have a big collection of 50+ games for children, making learning fun!

Improved Gadgets

Google and Nest share the same parent company. Meaning they will be also dishing out new updates. Now you can just command your Google Home to show you a specific portion of the house and it will. Making it very handy for you to keep an eye on everything remotely.

Get News from Any Time Period

If you are crazy like me, then yes if you want to know what was the headline of news in 1875 then now Google Home feature can tell you exactly that. Giving you a cutting-edge experience in information technology.

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Final Verdict

Well, clearly Google Home feature is exceeding in its expectations. And, having one means now you will be able to remotely have full power over your automated home experience.

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