Personal Financial Coach

What is financial coaching?

You are facing a service that almost no one had previously provided. Thus, by combining techniques and tools of personal coaching , together with other specific exercises related to the economy and its management , together we can work in search of the desired financial freedom . Sounds good right?

In the market there are numerous books, blogs, monographs, courses, etc., related to the subject, but most of them sin of not adapting to the specific needs of each person. They deal with the circumstances in a general way, they hardly go into detail, and most of the authors have grown up and lived in a society whose pillars are not necessarily ours, so their teachings are not applicable.

For years I have been studying to make the necessary filter. I have attended events, conducted seminars and courses, read many books and websites to create this product. And all, to save you time and money and adapt it to what you really need .

What is financial coaching for?

Mainly, it should be noted:

1. Provide the client with the necessary tools to face the management of their economy in a healthier way.

2.Locate escape routes for money. Become aware of the real situation.

3. Make early repayment plans for outstanding debts .

4. Analyze the client’s relationship with money throughout his life.

5.Study new possibilities of increasing income and reducing expenses .

6. Find the real causes that have led to the point where the client is, to avoid repeating them.

7.Change habits and beliefs related to money. Look for patterns to avoid.

8.Establish economic-financial objectives in the short, medium and long term.
9. Create a management and control system for the personal and family financial situation.


How does the process go?

We will hold sessions of 60 to 90 minutes each, in person or not, and with a regularity approximately every 15 days. However, all of the above will be marked by you, according to your needs.

During these sessions, under a climate of absolute confidentiality and trust, and based on the conversation , the performance of certain exercises and the use of the appropriate tools for each specific case, we will establish the plan to follow to achieve the financial objectives stipulated at the beginning of the process.

The results can be surprising, as long as you commit one hundred percent to your goal and carry out the necessary modifications in your daily life. As Einstein said, “it’s crazy to keep doing the same thing and expect different results . “

If you really want to improve the control of your finances, if you want to establish a tailored system and build the foundations to never have to worry about money, and you are convinced of doing so, do not hesitate. We will both try to come up with the best possible solution.(financial life coach)


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