Promotion of Internet portals and large sites

A multi-page site is not only an opportunity to attract an audience with the most diverse interests, but also an Internet resource that requires a special approach for promotion. To promote it, you will need a special SEO strategy, which is very different from the approach to optimizing small projects. We would like to share our experience in this area with you.

Promotion of Internet portals and large sites

What types of large sites exist

First of all, let’s clarify which sites are considered large and how web portals differ from other resources. The main parameter of the size of an Internet project is the number of pages, which starts from several thousand, and the complexity of the structure. Most often, large sites include:

  • expanded directories . They place a list of products offered by the company, with a description of the characteristics, photographs;
  • online shopping . The main purpose of such resources is online sales of various goods. In addition to a detailed catalog, they contain articles with recommendations for choosing products, information about the brands represented, a technical block with which you can place an order and pay;
  • marketplaces . These electronic trading platforms are distinguished by the fact that products from different manufacturers are offered here. Orders are processed centrally, by one operator;
  • aggregator sites . Unlike the previous type, these sites inform the buyer about the goods and redirect to the seller’s website. They are not intended for the actual sale and delivery;
  • news sites . These are resources that offer users information on specific topics. They differ in the way of content filling (auto-filled, moderated, working on the basis of a mixed model).

Speaking of Internet portals, they mean a multifunctional platform that hosts various interactive services, search engines and much more. Agilie specialists can provide assistance in creating Internet portals .

And once again we emphasize that it will take a lot of effort to promote large multi-page sites.

What are the difficulties of SEO-promotion of large sites?

The main difficulty is that SEO for large sites requires an increase in budget, and this is quite difficult to explain to the client who made the request. You have to spend a lot of time and effort to justify the return on investment for such a project.

Other difficulties in optimizing large sites are related to:

  • a huge amount of information on the portal, and often not only text, but also graphic, video;
  • the need to automate the main processes, otherwise it will take too much time to complete the tasks;
  • some indexing restrictions.

A lot depends on the competence of the project manager and on the clear, well-coordinated work of the team.

What are the difficulties of SEO-promotion of large sites

Methods for promoting large sites and portals

When promoting large projects, you need to be prepared for painstaking work. Among those promotion methods that we advise you to pay special attention to are:

  • development of the technical component . Since we have a huge array of data in front of us, the user should intuitively easily find the necessary information, quickly move from one page to another. All this is real when the portal works flawlessly;
  • use of automatic methods for displaying information on the page . On the one hand, it can be more difficult at the beginning of the work, but over time, the result will pay off handsomely. Using templates will bring the desired effect in the long run, but it will make analytics more difficult.

Let’s take a closer look at other relevant methods of promoting large sites.

Niche analysis

You cannot do without this stage of work, since you need to know what are the strengths and weaknesses of your project and how competitors are positioning themselves.

The promotion of portals is largely based on the search for growth points – those requests in the subject that were not taken into work by competing sites. To do this, you can use the visibility services of a web resource. The obtained data will become the basis for work on semantics.

In addition, an in-depth analysis of competitors can lead to new ideas for improving the site’s usability. As you know, Google search algorithm updates are aimed at evaluating this parameter.

We also recommend that you do not ignore the analysis of traffic on the site, entry and exit points from the portal, and user behavior on the pages. These materials will be a good help in creating and adjusting your SEO strategy.

Development of the site structure

Often in large projects this aspect is not given due attention. At the same time, the human mind strives for balance – the ability to logically connect parts, to find what it is looking for. Thus, a properly designed site structure will satisfy users and allow them to stay on the portal.

Another aspect – a competent and clear site structure affects the appearance of additional links in the search results, expands the possibility of moving to pages.

It is also much easier for search robots to access, crawl, index resource pages with a logical structure. These works are the basis for SEO-optimization of large sites.

Internal optimization

This stage is very important for SEO of large sites. Carrying out basic work is simply necessary for the development of the project. The sooner the technical flaws are fixed and the internal work of the site is set up, the faster the ranking will improve. Our experts recommend doing the following:

  • set up templates for the main meta tags – Title, Description and H1 headings;
  • generate human-readable URLs;
  • work on increasing the site loading speed, adapting for mobile devices;
  • find and remove duplicate pages;
  • optimize sitemap.xml;
  • set up multilingual versions, micro-markup in separate sections of the catalog, on product pages.

When promoting large sites, many of these areas will be too time-consuming, then you can prioritize and start working from them.

Development of the semantic core

Even a novice SEO specialist knows that promotion is based on collecting the most complete semantic core. But in a situation with a large project, the SA can have about 100-150 thousand keys, in some cases even more. So there is no need to automate the process here.

Forming a list of keywords, grouping them, determining the frequency of use and creating a semantic core take a lot of time. Our specialists use various services in their work to speed up the processes:

  1. Google Analytics is a set of tools required for data analysis.
  2. Search Console.
  3. Keyword Planner. Used for SEO keyword research, content optimization and topic ideas.
  4. Yoast SEO plugin for website. It is used in WordPress. This is a powerful tool that allows you to make the resource as convenient as possible for search engines.

The automatic clustering of CL, performed using MegaIndex, speeds up the breakdown into groups. In addition, in order not to slow down further processes, the keys are divided into categories, expanding the SA in parallel with other actions.

Significant prospects for SEO optimization for large projects lie in working with low-frequency queries. Often the share of such traffic is greater than the number of clicks on high- and medium-frequency keys. For this, work is needed to expand the SA.

For example, if blocks with categories were created to promote high-frequency queries, then in the future, filter pages will be needed to promote low-frequency keywords.

A good effect is the creation of sections in the structure for promotion in the regions. In general, the process of work on improving the SA can take a long time.

Linking on the site

Internal links reinforce the site’s logical hierarchy, which is especially important for branched web resources. Linking allows users to move from page to page. In technical terms, it is necessary for the formation of an information hierarchy, the distribution of link weight across individual sections of the site.

Putting down internal links does not need to complicate the task. The main idea is that each resource page should have some kind of link to another. This is how categories and subcategories are connected.

Linking is especially relevant for newly created blocks. For example, to expand the SA, experts recommended developing and filling filter pages with unique content. But then it may happen that when choosing a filter, they will be visible to the user, and the search algorithms have not yet indexed them. Internal links will help speed up this process.

In large commercial projects, it is most convenient to arrange relinking in the form of a block with recommendations for related products, similar, promotional or recently viewed. Such a block consists of a link, a description of each position and an image.


You can improve the visibility of blocks on the site for search robots using semantic page markup – microformats. This is a kind of business card for the algorithms of Google, Yandex and other systems.

Among the most popular microformats today, contact data markup is distinguished – hCard. For the same purpose, it is recommended to implement a single schema.org schema. To check whether all the features of microdata are used on the site, the Google Rich Snippets Validator service and a similar tool from Yandex will help.

Search for trends – seasonality of the product and its features

As we have already said, a good result in the promotion of large sites is the development of new content. Finding ideas for this will help analyze trends and take into account seasonal bursts. To select priority keys from the SA, the following parameters are taken into account:

  • what is the number of impressions per month for a particular key query . In this way, the amount of traffic is estimated;
  • what is the cost per click when clicking on an ad . This is one of the methods for assessing the level of competition in a niche;
  • how many commercial sites are in the top of the issue . It will help to correct the work on the promotion of information portals.

In addition, they take into account the parameters of regional promotion, seasonality and themes.

Increasing brand traffic

Another useful direction for the development of the site is to increase brand awareness. Brand traffic will be added to information and commercial requests, which will increase the traffic of the web resource as a whole, search algorithms will also respond positively to this. We talked about the SEO optimization of a news site in more detail earlier.

Among the most useful methods, our specialists distinguish:

  • crowd marketing . Reviews and recommendations in social networks, on forums with the name of the company will show users that it is worth paying attention to your brand;
  • publication of articles, interviews and other materials on third-party sites . Such an indirect mention of the brand will make it more recognizable;
  • holding various promotions, competitions . This mechanism is very effective, since acquaintance with the company occurs indirectly, therefore it is not perceived with hostility and is remembered.

All these works are carried out jointly with PR departments. Activity in this direction is a good driver for increasing brand traffic.

Working with search engine aggregators

Search engine aggregators such as Google News, Yandex.News and others will help promote news resources and keep them in high positions. Exploiting the capabilities of such resources allows you to attract traffic, taking into account behavioral factors. In order for published materials to regularly get on the pages of aggregators, you need, firstly, to add your site to the service, and secondly, to monitor the following factors:

  • the systematic appearance of news on the web resource. At least 10 publications must be posted per day;
  • the authority and reputation of your site, which is influenced by the uniqueness of the content, the availability of an archive (for information portals) and other parameters;
  • variety of content including text, images and videos.

And also human-readable URLs should be organized on the resource, it is necessary that the map function clearly. News site promotion service is offered by specialists of our IT company.

Link Building

These works with large sites are not particularly difficult to carry out. External links to the resource can be purchased on thematic sites. In this way, new publications dedicated to trends in the niche are promoted. For particularly relevant topics, they buy rental links. The pages they lead to have a high chance of getting into the “Events” block of search engines.

External optimization will also be helped by transitions from aggregator sites, if these systems were connected.

Since the share of purchased links is not very large (compared to the volume of a portal or a large web resource), search engine sanctions are very rarely imposed on such sites.

Website web analytics

And finally, a few more words about the importance of analyzing the results when promoting a large site or portal. Traditionally, you will need to track the main metrics, but in order to understand what changes in the ranking after the implementation of your strategy, you need to compare 4 parameters with each other:

  • search traffic;
  • visibility of keys (we analyze 1,000 positions);
  • the number of key queries for which there were transitions to the site;
  • the number of landing pages with high traffic from search engines.

The effectiveness of the strategy will be evidenced by the gradual growth of indicators in each of the studied areas. If growth is observed only for some of them, then you need to look for other reasons for this.

Website web analytics

How much does it cost to promote portals and large sites?

Due to the fact that the concept of a large site and an Internet portal is rather vague, the price of SEO optimization for different projects can vary greatly. In order to find out how much it will cost to promote large sites in our company, contact the managers who will perform a preliminary calculation and offer a unique strategy for the development of your resource. The final amount will depend on the scale of the project, the desired traffic indicators, the current state of the site.


If you are thinking about how to improve the rankings of a large web resource, then plan everything carefully. The decision on the ongoing work is made taking into account the available budget and global goals. If you are interested in getting professional advice on the development of Internet portals and large sites, the Agilie team is ready to help. The support of specialists will not be superfluous, especially in such a complex matter as the promotion of large web resources.


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