virtual reality technology to identify Alzheimer’s disease, Study

The recent study states that the Virtual reality technology can detect early stage of the Alzheimer’s disease which is vigorously spreading in the UK, the scientist at the University of Cambridge have tested the Virtual reality technology which highlights the potential of new technologies to help diagnose and monitor conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.

More than 525,000 UK citizens are suffering from the disease, the scientist work has great implications for the use of technology in diagnosing and monitoring the neurological disease. This research was recently published in the journal Brain.

To test their innovative Virtual Reality (VR) system, the researchers gathered a cohort of 45 patients from the Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) and Memory Clinics. These MCI patients usually present symptoms such as memory impairment that are often indicative of Alzheimer’s disease, but these symptoms can also be characteristic of normal ageing or anxiety. The researchers note that it is imperative to identify the cause of MCI to predict which patients are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s or similar dementia conditions.

The study also involved 41 age-matched healthy controls for comparison. All MCI patients showed worse performance on the navigation task than the healthy controls. In addition, MCI patients with positive CSF markers were observed to perform worse than those with negative markers. The researchers also found that the VR navigation task was better at distinguishing low and high-risk MCI patients than currently-used gold standard tests to diagnose early Alzheimer’s.

The group found that the majority of the MCI patients did worse on the route test than the healthy participants, yet the MCI patients who tried positive for Alzheimer’s biomarkers performed more regrettable on the test than those with no biomarkers. It was likewise noticed that the VR route test was better at differentiating among low and high MCI patients than the cognitive tests as of now viewed as the best quality level in recognizing early Alzheimer’s disease.


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