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How do you know if your site is doing well? How to find the weaknesses of the resource? How to form the best strategy for its development? Guessing on coffee grounds is not necessary. Look for all the answers in web analytics. That is the topic of today’s article.


What is web analytics?

Web analytics is a service for measuring, obtaining and analyzing information about resource visitors. The collected information will help optimize the web resource and increase the return on its work.

For example, in the process of analytics, you will find flaws in the content. We identified them, corrected the texts on the page – and people are already better interacting with the resource.

Why is web analytics needed?

It helps in the analysis of numerous parameters:

  • the number of visits and unique entries for a certain period of time;
  • period of presence of a person on the site;
  • number and depth of web browsing;
  • bounces (when a visitor quickly leaves the page);
  • clicks on links within the site;
  • visits from third-party sites;
  • information about the target audience;
  • people’s actions (comments, reviews, participation in surveys, etc.);
  • technical parameters of the resource: download speed, types of devices, OS and the rest.

Okay, but why collect all this? Elementary. Imagine that your traffic has plummeted. You have used web analytics tools and found many bounces due to poor page loading speed. Improved performance – visits increased. The site is up and running again!

This is in short. Web analytics helps to refine and improve the website. This allows you to eventually solve other significant tasks of the project: look for weaknesses in the sales funnel, find the most profitable points for placing goods, increase conversion rates and the average check. That’s why web analytics is needed.

Web analytics capabilities

Tools for collecting and researching information help specialists to find out the key points of site performance. The web analyst performs a huge pool of tasks:

  • generates and analyzes information about user activity;
  • finds traffic sources;
  • checks the correctness of the assembled SA;
  • deciphers and predicts user actions to better understand commercial factors.

The possibilities of Web Analytics are huge, and its importance is very high. Many even serious players with extensive experience in the market risk getting lost in the bins of search results if they do not take into account analytics data or misinterpret them.

Types of web analytics

There are 2 types of Analytics. Let’s consider them in detail.


This is standard analytics, which provides for a single object of study – the site. To collect data, experts install a Google Analytics counter. You can use a log analyzer to obtain and store data on visits.


This is complex analytics. It helps to trace the entire route of the visitor – from the first click on an ad (for example, Google Ads) to the completion of a targeted action, like buying a product. End-to-end website analytics involves combining data from the management system, advertising cabinets, etc. Thanks to it, you can find the best ads and visitor channels.

What is usually included in the end -to-end web analytics service for an online store or other site:

  • formation of a brief and terms of reference;
  • analysis of technical specifications and drawing up a reporting scheme;
  • testing of analytical systems;
  • creation of technical specifications for web analytics systems;
  • formation of technical specifications for making adjustments to CRM, etc.

A complete list of services will be listed by specialists from whom you will order web analytics.

Basic web analytics tools

So, the whale of web analytics is Google Analytics.

Google Analytics

The most popular service that allows you to evaluate traffic channels, target audience, conversion, attendance and other important metrics. You can set up sending reports to e-mail, and it will be more convenient to work with the tool.

A few distinguishing features of the Google Analytics web analytics system:

  • webvisor to track user actions right now;
  • control of targeted calls;
  • SMS sending;
  • intuitive interface.

By the way, you can familiarize yourself with the features of using Google Analytics in our blog. A detailed article is already waiting.

Additional web analytics services


One of the most popular web analytics tools. The service evaluates traffic taking into account the subject and region. It also contains useful options for evaluating competitors, both on PC and mobile devices. A trial period is available.

Open Web Analytics

A useful resource that is almost as good as Google Analytics in terms of capabilities. The personal account contains information on website visits, user locations. The service helps to analyze visits to the resource from various channels, draw a click map, and monitor the activity of visitors.


Conditionally free service with an optimal set of features. Suitable for collecting information on visitors, tracking their behavior. The tool can analyze individual pages of a web resource. You can collect statistics on the browsers, search engines, OS, user devices used, which is also convenient when working with the target audience.


The tool generates information about the behavioral patterns of visitors. It divides users into convenient categories and makes reports accordingly. Convenient and relatively simple.


If Google’s standard systems provide detailed reporting of visits with a delay per day, this tool does it instantly. It allows you to view visits to the site online, shows a click map and the duration of visits. But you have to pay for this speed. Features are available in the paid version starting at $14.99 per month.

Adobe Analytics

Practical assistant for business. Offers effective visitor analysis, including behavioral analysis. The service finds suspicious traffic, segments users into categories, and generates Customer Journey reports.


A popular tool for professionals looking for a comprehensive web analytics solution. There are ready-made solutions for collecting unsampled data, importing spending, calculating a funnel-based attribution model, etc.

A big plus of the tool is the availability of a 7-day test version. Basic plans cost from $55. e. per month.


When you know what web analytics is, what it is for, its importance becomes obvious. Evaluation of site parameters helps to improve it and get more profit from the work of the resource. You can use only the standard Google Analytics web analytics services, but it is also desirable to connect additional ones. The more data, the better the understanding of visitors. And this already allows you to please them and get the cherished targeted actions.


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